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7 products

Sustainable underwear panties

Love sustainable lingerie? We have plenty underwear models to choose between, whether you like your undies low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise. 
Our underwear is made in super soft Modal fabric and GOTS certified organic cotton.

Our undies are soft, gentle on the skin, and move effortlessly with the body -- keeping you cool, dry, and clean while you're making moves.


We women can feel sexy anytime anywhere regardless of what we put on our body, but we believe that a little stylish comfort helps us get going much faster. 

Our luxurious selection is made with a soft blend of plant based goodness: natural breathable materials made especially for women’s comfort…now neither your body nor your conscience has to suffer.


One of the most environmentally sustainable options available. The Base Collection is sewn from this luxury fiber called Lenzing Modal, It is a fine, smooth fiber made from beech wood. 

It is created by turning the wood into pulp, extracting the fiber and then reconstituting the fiber so that it can be spun into fabric. It is sourced from sustainable forestry plantations growing native trees and the fibres are produced in a CO2 neutral way. 

It is a fabric that is irritation free and naturally prevents the growth of bacteria.


We only use GOTS certified fibers, handling methods and factories, when working with Organic cotton. The cotton is grown in accordance with organic agriculture methods, without the use of harmful defoliants. 

It is produced with methods that respect the well-being of mankind and environment. The cotton is free from toxic dyes & fabric treatments including formaldehyde, heavy metals & aromatic solvents. 

People with chemical sensitivity and allergies can wear organic cotton safely.