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10 products

Our clothing line consisting of bodies, tops and loungewear pieces that are perfect for every-day wear, for your yoga classes, at home or in bed.
Each design is carefully made, to make you look and feel good.

The most precious parts of your body deserve to be covered in clean, safe, and soft materials.

For centuries, clothing has been made using synthetic fibers like acrylic, polyester, and nylon, which are treated with thousands of chemicals during the production process. Something we might forget to consider when shopping for clothes is that our skin is the largest area on our bodies for absorption. Meaning, we must treat it with care and be sure that we are wearing fibers that are gentle on the skin. Thankfully, we know more than we use to when it comes to fabric and discovered a safe alternative to toxic materials: plant-based fabric!


Plant-based fabric just means that the fibers are derived from something that grows rather than being synthetically produced. For reference, polyester is a synthetic fiber and is created from coal, air, water, and petroleum. 

As you might have guessed, plant-based fabrics have a much smaller impact on the environment. Anything that can be made from something grown is already a sustainable alternative to something that has to be chemically produced. Plant-based fabrics use far less nonrenewable resources and are biodegradable at the end of their life cycle.


We use plant based fabrics, not only because they are great for your skin, but also because it is important for us, that no animals are being hurt in the process of the making of our products; so you will not find any leather, wool, silk etc. in our collections. ‚Ā†


Underwear is the first thing we wear when we get up and the last one we take off before going to bed.

We have it on no matter the weather or the season, and as we all know, undies have the power to make us feel more comfortable, confident, and sexy.

Given their unique role of everyday essentials, we need to be careful when shopping for undies, as the right underwear can significantly improve our mood.  

These are some of the benefits of choosing eco-friendly underwear.