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We have developed the perfectly fitted socks; a true must-have that has an exceptionally smooth and soft fit.

A true sustainable wardrobe classic. The socks are made in luxurious Egyptian organic cotton and they are a true sustainable wardrobe classic. Your feet will thank you. - Enjoy!


What we put on our feet actually matters a lot more than we think! To no surprise, smelly feet are far too common. After a long day at work or running errands, sweat gets trapped in our socks and leads to a smelly odor, or in worst-case scenarios, a fungus growth.
Well, we have a solution, always choose natural fibres that allow your feet to breathe!
Just like our shoes, our socks should provide the utmost comfort. They should be made from a soft, stretchy, and smooth material to avoid blisters and irritation after being on our feet all day. And that’s exactly what plant-based fibres are known for! If you think all socks are created equal, wait until you slip your feet into an ultra-soft cotton pair. Trust us; your feet will feel the difference!
Most everyday socks are made with a very high nylon or elastane content for a stretchy fit. They shouldn’t be much of a problem when worn every once in a while, but on an everyday basis, they’ll likely cause your feet to sweat more than they need to and even leave your shoes with a funny smell. 
So be sure to treat your feet well and check out our great selection of certified organic cotton socks.