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Sustainable gifting aims to minimize the use of resources. It is about choosing to give a product, an experience etc. that has a lowered carbon foot print. That takes the production process into concideration. It can be made of natural, biodegradable & reusable materials, upcycle materials that have already been used and still exist somewhere on our planet, support artisans, pay all workers fairly and give back to the society in a positive manner.


Plants are the new ‘flowers’ and “green is the new gold” as people realize that their health and environmental health are interconnected.

Sustainable shopping means investing in products that don’t end up creating unnecessary waste on our planet and this is one of the important aspects to be considered before choosing your gift.

We use clothing to express ourselves, but sometimes, it’s what we wear below the surface that makes us feel most powerful.

The lingerie and intimates we wear shouldn't just be an afterthought — both in design and in sustainability.⁠ 

We believe we all want to sustain that which is good, which we love and when its time has run out, we want to give it a good passing. And it’s like this, whether it be people, animals or small things such as fashion lingerie. So we wish to transfer the ‘sustain’ in sustainability to our brand and product because we love it

So if you find, that the next gift you are going to give should be sustainable underwear, you can read much more about our Why, How & What, right here!


Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a WORON Gift Card. A Gift Card for our online store is the perfect choice for the woman who adores luxurious and sustainable underwear and fashion essentials.

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"The best bra EVER! I am very happy with my purchase. I have worn WORON bras for 2 years. I do not want to wear anything else. The material is great quality and the style helps me feel confident. Moreover, it is very comfortable."

Denmark Testimonals stars

“I’ll only buy my underwear from Woron in the future! Deliciously soft and feminine, fits really good and comfortable!”

Denmark Testimonals stars

Your pieces are extremely flattering on the body and make me feel so feminine, comfortable and confident – exactly what clothes should do!

Denmark Testimonals stars

"Lovely products that last incredibly well"

Denmark Testimonals stars

"Just wanted say I've bought 4 bra's of Woron lately and they are absolutely the best thing ever :)) They are sooo comfortable, pretty and soft. I sometimes forget I'm wearing them. Thank you so much for making such great items"

Ms Brecht
United Kingdom Testimonals stars

"I do love your undies, they are soft, comfortable, stretchy so that they don't cut in, and the shape is far superior to any other undies I have ever seen"

Tilly Livaro
United Kingdom Testimonals stars

"I have just received your the ONE BASE body and I simply love it: the cut is purrrrfect! The fabric has an extremely nice feel to it"

Sint Gillis Testimonals stars

"I absolutely LOVE the Core Bralette, it is exactly what I’ve been looking for for ages. It fits perfectly, super comfortable, perfect thickness and looks sporty under tops and tees"

Sweden Testimonals stars

"My body loves WORON!💗"

Denmark Testimonals stars