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      We guide you through the basics of how to wash your Woron pieces. How we take care of our wardrobe when washing and drying, has a huge impact on the longivity of each piece.
      Always use a wash bag when washing your delicates. This will take extra good care of them and thereby make the pieces last longer.
      And when it comes to our lace pieces you can go the extra mile and purchase the Guppy Bag. This wash bag is specially made for catching polyamide/ plastic fiber particles when washing pieces that contain such fibers. This bag ensures, that no damaging particles are washed out into the oceans or to our sewages when machine washing.


      Many of the most iconic and cherished fashion items are white. Think of the ever-green plain white T-shirt and the classic white button up-shirt. White pieces have been a staple in our wardrobes for a century, and when it comes to underwear, they have dominated the scene for even longer, and it’s easy to see why.

      But every rose has its thorn, including the white ones (pun intended). In fact, if handled poorly, whites can get a bit dis-coloured, yellowed or greyish.

      Despite this, keeping your whites looking clean and bright is much easier than it seems. If you follow these easy tips, your white clothes will look just as they did the day you bought them. Ready to bring your favourite white top back to its former gleaming glory? Let’s get washing then!

      1. Use the right amount of soap 

      2. Try lemon juice or white vinegar to refresh your whites

      3. Dry the clothes outdoors if possible

      4.  Avoid overloading the washer

      5. Keep them dry

      Find more on our 5 tricks in our blog post right here.


      Making your clothes last longer is a crucial step to build a genuinely sustainable wardrobe.

      In fact, to become an eco-conscious fashionista buying ethical and sustainable clothes and accessories is only part of the equation, albeit an important and unskippable one.

      That’s because, in recent years, the way-too-popular throwaway fashion culture has taken a massive toll on the environment.

      Our 5 practical ways to make your clothes last longer:

      1. Repairing is your best friend 

      2. Use cold water whenever possible 

      3. Store clothing properly

      4. Wash clothing less often

      5. Get familiar with your iron 

      Find more on our 5 tips in our blog post right here.