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      Raise your hand if at least once in your life you went around with an ill-fitting underwire bra that made you feel terribly uncomfortable.

      If you did raise your hand, you’re in good company. Underwire bras seem to be designed to be poking in and rubbing our skin.

      Then why do we wear bras?

      The answer is an easy one: bras aren’t purely cosmetic. Their primary function is to support the weight of the breasts.

      But guess what, you don’t have to endure underwire bras. You can keep your breast happy and supported by wearing soft-bras instead! Soft-bras simply give you the best of both worlds, as they provide you with all the support that you (and your chest) need while being gentle on the skin.

      Because the bra is one of the closest fitting garments one can wear, we should know as much as possible about it so that we can choose the perfect one for us.

      How do I find my Size?

      Measure the different parts of your body using a loose tape measure. Make sure the tape is not too tight. Check out our size guide for more in depth info on how to find the perfect bra or pantie size for you.
      We believe that most things can be fixed with a good attitude and some comfy clothes that don’t compromise style and sexiness. 

      When the underpants aren’t riding up and the bra isn’t chafing or trying to suffocate you, when one’s body just finally says “aaaah, I’m good right now”, then it’s as if magic happens. One’s well-being soars and with it confidence and feeling sexy emerges all by itself, naturally. 

       Our aim is to create that lingerie, that will be the first thing you want to put on and the last thing you take off!