Lenzing Modal - the fiber that loves the planet and your skin

Lenzing Modal soft-bra

Here at Woron, we take our decisions very seriously. We know that the every day & the choices made within our bussiness can make a difference. We want what’s best for our planet, the animals, and of course, our customers’ health and comfort.

This is the guiding principle that we follow when we select the materials for our garments. One of said materials is Lenzing Modal, a plant-based fiber made from beechwood pulp. It’s a choice we are very proud of, and in this blog post, we’d like to tell you why. 

Lenzing modal bodysuit 

Lenzing Modal is a biodegradable and low-impact choice 

Lenzing is the Austrian company behind this spectacular fiber. They have integrated many innovations in the production of their Lenzing Modal to make it as outstandingly sustainable as it is.  

The result is a green fiber that can integrate itself into nature’s cycle instead of disrupting it.

The choice of the raw material plays a vital role in a fiber’s overall environmental score. Luckily for the planet, Modal comes from a renewable source: wood, a raw material made with nothing more than water, sunlight, and air.

To preserve our planet’s natural resources for future generations, Lenzing operates sustainably by utilizing renewable energy and recovering the chemicals employed in its manufacturing process.

In fact, this certified biobased fiber is the result of a sustainable closed-loop production process that gained an excellent (and deserved) international reputation.

During this environmentally responsible process, the wood pulp is efficiently transformed into cellulosic fibers and thanks to Lenzing’s environmental ethos, the all process has an inconspicuous impact on the Earth.  

At the end of its lifetime, Modal can fully revert to nature. That’s because it is both compostable and biodegradable, as certified by the Belgian certification company Vinçotte.

Lenzing modal underwear

Lenzing Modal and health: a breathable fiber that makes you feel comfortable

As a green cellulosic fiber made from beech trees wood chips, Lenzing Modal naturally absorbs moisture efficiently, providing extraordinary breathability.

Choosing breathable fabrics is vital as they allow air to flow through them effortlessly, speeding up the sweat evaporation process and keeping dampness at bay.

Additionally, underwear made with Lenzing  Modal is excellent to keep foul odor at bay thanks to the fiber’s characteristic hygienic qualities as bacterial growth, not sweat on its own, is the reason why certain body areas can smell bad.

Lenzing modal singlet

Modal is the ideal fiber for sustainable underwear 

Underwear is something we all wear every single day, that’s why it should be made only with soft and comfortable materials that make you feel at ease.  

Especially if we consider that underwear stays in direct contact with a very sensitive area all day long.  

Lenzing Modal is ideal for underwear as it is harmless for human health; it is even STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified! This international certification is one of the world’s most famous labels for textiles, and for good reasons. The products sporting it have been tested for many regulated and unregulated substances harmful to our health and have passed the tests with flying colors. 

Plus, Lenzing Modal is incredibly soft, gently caressing your skin and embracing your body with the softness that is in its DNA as a green cellulosic fiber made from wood.  

Thanks to Modals’ botanical smoothness, the garments made with it exhibit an unmatched gentleness that makes them feel light and soft on the skin.   

Plus, Lenzing Modal is also known for its outstandingly high flexibility, which makes it not only a comfortable choice but an even more sustainable one too, as Modal can perfectly follow our movements, resisting tear and greatly accommodating the way our beautiful bodies naturally change. This makes Modal pieces more long-lasting, and the longer an item lasts, the lower its carbon, waste, and water footprints get.

Take our ONYX bra, for example. This feminine and sexy soft-bra isn’t just super pretty but incredibly comfortable too, thanks to Modal’s unparalleled softness.  

Plus, Modal also beautifully keeps colours looking brilliant and vibrant, making sure that your garments will look brand-new for longer. 

Lenzing modal bralette

Modal vs. Other common fibers 

By now, it’s clear that Modal is a fantastic fiber, but you may be wondering: how does it compare with regard to sustainability to the most commonly used fibers to make underwear?

Let’s take a look at a prevalent one: conventional cotton.

Each year, 25.9 million tonnes of cotton is produced worldwide, making it the world’s most utilized natural fiber. Made from the fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plants of the genus Gossypium, conventional cotton has led to social, economic, and environmental issues such as the loss of soil biodiversity.

At a glance, it seems like Modal is much better for the planet. But we don’t have to guess. In fact, scientists from Utrecht University have performed an environmental impact assessment and found out that Modal and other modern man-made cellulose fiber products have the lowest overall impact among all the examined fibers, including cotton, PET, and PP.


This is the conclusion of our little journey in the world of Modal. We hope that you enjoyed learning more about this spectacular fiber!

- The Woron Team