Let's bring new, clean undies to less fortunate women


Did you know that the least donated item to homeless shelters, women crises centers, asylum centers is underwear? It is also the most in-demand.

That's why we will be donating 1 pair of undies to refugee/ asylum centers with every purchase made throughout this month!

For every purchase made online, we'll donate one pair to a woman in need. Let your friends know to help spread the word and support our efforts to bring new, clean undies to less fortunate women; women that have been forced to leave everything behind to flee for safety.

For the past years we have been donating underwear to local homeless shelters and asylum centers as Christmas presents for the women there in need. Through this we have become even more aware of the basic needs that come with having to flee, last minut, leaving everything behind.

Being the small company that we are, we can’t do this on our own this time. But with your help, we can make a difference for even more women in need of the basics, such as clean underwear.

Where will this donation be delivered?

All undies for donation will be delivered to the biggest refugee/ asylum centers in Denmark, Sandholm. If the quantity exceeds what these centers needs, then we will continue our work with distributing to the other centers across Denmark, that are taking in women and children on the run.

Why Sandholm?

We have been cooperating with them around Christmas time for the past two years now. They are the biggest Asylum Center in Denmark, so they have a lot of refugees coming through, living there etc. 

They always tell us, that they are fortunate to get a lot of donations from private people when it comes to clothes, toys, food etc. but underwear is just not something that people donate, so there is truly a lack of this at both this center and in most centers of the likes.