5 Practical Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer


Making your clothes last longer is a crucial step to build a genuinely sustainable wardrobe.

In fact, to become an eco-conscious fashionista buying ethical and sustainable clothes and accessories is only part of the equation, albeit an important and unskippable one.

That’s because, in recent years, the way-too-popular throwaway fashion culture has taken a massive toll on the environment.


Our 5 practical ways to make your clothes last longer:

1. Repairing is your best friend 

2. Use cold water whenever possible 

3. Store clothing properly

4. Wash clothing less often

5. Get familiar with your iron 

Get familiar with the 5 ways, by reading on :)

According to the EPA’s estimates, in 2018, the generation of textiles in the United States amounted to 17 million tons. That year, this mind-boggling amount of waste represented 5.8% of the total municipal solid waste generation! 

Because of many people’s careless attitude towards clothing and the ever-growing popularity of fast fashion, the lifespan of clothing these days is dangerously short.

The British charity WRAP estimated that in the United Kingdom, the average lifetime for an item of clothing is just 2.2 years. In the UK, the value of unused clothing collecting dust in wardrobes has been estimated to be amounting to around £30 billion. It was also calculated that each year £140 million worth of clothing end up in landfills. 

Choosing the slow route and extending the longevity of one’s clothes instead is beneficial in more ways than one. It is estimated, in fact, that lengthening the average life of clothing by only three months of active use per item would lead to a 5-10% reduction in the carbon, water, and waste footprints.

Here at WORON, we are all about slow fashion and returning to a personal relationship with fashion. That’s why we design and produce high-quality pieces that you can love and wear season after season.

To help you get to enjoy your precious pieces for many years to come, we have compiled a list of good habits and tips that will make your clothes last longer.

Keep on reading to find out how you can keep your beloved clothes looking fresh and new.

 1. Repairing is your best friend 

Back in the day, people altered and repaired their clothes a lot. Of course, that was because of practical and aesthetic reasons, not environmental ones. But it’s a good habit and a valuable skill to master regardless of the pursued goal.   

Mending your clothes is an excellent way of extending your wardrobe’s longevity, as it allows you to salvage damaged items, keeping them from ending up in the bin before their time. 

Repairing clothes comes in many shapes and forms. It can be as simple as mending a sock with a tiny hole in it or much more creative.

For example, you can use embroidery and cloth patches to hide damages of all sorts, from stains to rips, and at the same time make your clothes much more unique and personal.

2. Use cold water whenever possible 

Just like our hair, fabrics don’t like heat. It generally makes them lose their shape and dulls their colors.  

To keep your clothing looking shiny and new for longer, try washing them with the coldest water you can use on them. Only utilize hot water when you have to get a stubborn stain out and when you need to get rid of the germs your clothes have collected in particular circumstances, such as going on a plane or tending to a sick family member.  

3. Store clothing properly

Tendentially, clothes spend just as much time in the closet as they spend on your body, so it’s essential to store them in a way that promotes their longevity.

In general, clothes should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. No need to use plastic bags to store them: they actually promote yellowing. Clean cardboard boxes or even packaging paper, if you are putting them on shelves, will protect your clothes from the dust.       

4. Wash clothing less often 

This may sound a bit yucky, but hear us out first. Washing clothes has quite an impact on the environment. Just think of all the water, detergent, and electricity involved.  Even high-efficiency washers use between 15 and 30 gallons of water per load!

Skipping all of that whenever possible is undoubtedly beneficial for the Earth, and it doesn’t require you to smell anywhere near unpleasant.   

Simple things like airing your clothes before putting them back in the closet and learning the art of stain removal can delay washing day quite a bit, allowing you to skip unnecessary washes.

5. Get familiar with your iron 

Some hate it, some swear by it. Either way, if you are not careful, the iron can be your clothes’ worst enemy.

As a good rule of thumb, you should always set your iron at the right temperature for each specific garment. If anything, putting the iron a setting or two below what’s recommended will make it warm and steamy enough to get rid of light creases.

This way, you’ll ensure that the iron doesn’t burn straight through your favourite garments while still keeping your clothes creaseless and pristine.         

We hope these tips will come in handy and allow you to enjoy your cherished clothes for longer.

- The Woron team