How to keep in tune with your body during the winter months

The colder months are back once again, and for many people, it’s the most beautiful time of the year. If you are someone who loves cozy blankets, warming drinks, and comfy clothes, you probably have been looking forward to these months all year long. 

Covering our bodies with multiple layers can also be a huge bonus for many, and after all, who doesn’t like to have more layers to play around with and get more creative with? 

On the flip side though, being exposed to our bodies helps us connect with them and feel more at home in our skin. So when we start covering up again, we ultimately disconnect from our bodies, as the saying goes, “out of sight out of mind.” 

Being in touch with our earthly vessels, though, is fantastic to stay balanced, feel more confident and comfortable in our skin, and grow more appreciative of the magical things our bodies do and allow us to do.       

Luckily, there are habits and tricks to keep that connection strong even when it’s stormy and cold outside. Today, we are sharing some of them with you, so keep reading to find out more.    


Focus on your body’s sensations

We may not notice it most of the time, but while we go about our day, our bodies are constantly working to keep us alive and kicking. Our hearts are pumping blood all through our bodies, our lungs are oxygenizing us, and our guts are making sure that we get the nourishment we need and deserve. 

To show our body our gratitude and keep in tune with its rhythm, we can simply notice the sensations that are running through it. Creating that connection can be as simple as focusing on our breathing and heartbeat, appreciating the fullness that comes with satisfying meals, or the lovely warmth that we feel when under a comfy blanket or in front of a fireplace.    


Stimulate your senses 

Our senses are what we perceive the world around us through. When the sun kisses our skin and flowers bloom, it’s easy to feel at one with the world and our bodies through our senses. 

Even during the colder months, though, there are many ways to keep them, and consequently us, stimulated. You could light a lovely scented candle, run yourself a cozy and fragrant bath or eat a lovely meal filled with earthy and seasonal flavours. Doesn’t this ensemble sound like the recipe for the perfect night in?   

Go outside and spend time in nature

Let’s be honest, many of us spend a lot of time in front of our mobile phones and pc screens. In fact, according to the market research company eMarketer, in the US, the average adult spends 4 hours and 23 minutes on their mobile devices. There is no shame in spending time on our phone. The internet is filled with fascinating, inspiring info, and social media are great mediums to connect with like-minded people and loved ones. 

A healthy lifestyle, though, is all about finding a balance that makes us feel good, and so after spending time on our phone and in our head, it’s advisable to do something that brings us back to our bodies and makes us feel more grounded. 

Going outside and spending time in nature is an outstanding way of reconnecting with our bodies and the physical world around us. Not only that, but apparently it’s good for our brain too. 

Researchers from the University of Chicago have found that being exposed to natural environments brings a lot of cognitive benefits such as improving our cognitive flexibility and attentional control, as well as our working memory

So go out to the nearest park, forest, or even beach and enjoy some cool breeze on your face and the kind of majestic yet calming views that only nature is capable of offering. 

Wear clothes that make you feel good

Our skin is the large and extraordinary organ that, through its sensory nerves, allows us to detect noxious sensations such as heat and cold, touch, pressure, and pain.

As the skin is the layer that connects us with the world, treating it with some much-deserved care and love is a great way to connect with our bodies. 

Since our bodies spend the vast majority of the day covered up during the colder months, it becomes even more essential to wear clothes made of skin-friendly fabrics, not to mention cut and designed in a way that makes us feel good. 

Making underwear that will make you feel comfortable and confident with healthy and sustainable materials is what we do here at Woron.    

For example, our sexy bodysuit Sleek Body made of soft modal and our pretty Organic Cotton socks are precisely the type of cozy yet beautiful pieces that will gently caress your skin and keep you feeling like a million bucks even while it’s cold outside. 

These were our tips for staying grounded and in tune with your body during the colder seasons. We hope that you’ll find them helpful and we wish you a lovely autumn and winter. 

- The Woron team