What does your first layer say about your mood?

How often have you asked yourself, "How should I dress to feel confident during my day?" or "how should I dress to feel comfortable?" Surprisingly, the answer may lie nestled within your underwear drawer.

Introducing the fascinating realm of mood-based dressing, which all begins with your underwear.

How you dress says a lot about your mood. Bright, bold colours often mirror our bubbly and adventurous spirit, while neutral shades and comfy fits cater to our need for low-key comfort or a wish to blend in.

Interestingly, the same philosophy which encompasses the outer layer, also applies to the often-overlooked component of our underwear attire.

Underneath the calm and collected exterior, one might find a party of lacy lingerie or the comfort of basics in organic cotton.

Let's take a journey into the world of intimates, where the rules are yours to make, and where dressing for an enhanced mood can be quite liberating, perhaps because it’s just you who will know about it ;)

This concept of dressing for your mood, or to affect your mood, is simple yet transformative. The underwear you select can shape your day, serving as a private power-suit or a source of quiet comfort. Whether you're presenting at a high-profile meeting or simply navigating the streets of Copenhagen, your underwear can make all the difference. Here's how:




1. Mood: Confident in the Ordinary

For the days when you're tackling the routine tasks but need spark of boldness, go for a daring piece of eco underwear.

Choose pieces that ignite feelings of boldness, allure, and empowerment. Envision sultry lace, revealing semi-sheer fabrics, or a daring colour you wouldn't usually pick. The beauty of it? It's your secret, your hidden weapon when you're contemplating, "how should I dress to feel confident?"

Opt. for high-cut panties that make you feel both sexy and confident, even on a typical day. And remember to choose a panty that won't be riding up your bum the moment it's your turn to speak at a meeting. Let your intimate wear be your silent cheerleader, boosting your confidence in the ordinary.



2. Mood: Dealing with the Period Blues

When it's that time of the month and comfort is all that matters, count on your period-proof underwear. Designed to give you optimal comfort and to keep you leak-free, these are your allies in the battle against the period blues. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a worry-free period day!

Bloating, sensitive skin and needing a warming hug around your belly…all of this can be embraced with Period Underwear; feel like your everyday self while on your period.



3. Mood: Ready for a Dance Party

Feeling buoyant and vibrant, ready to groove to the beat? Maybe even a bit cheeky and flirtyMatch your energy with playful, vibrant underwear. Choose a pair with a bold pattern or bright colour - an inner reflection of your party mood. Every dance move becomes more confident when your first layer aligns with your high energy.

Maybe you need your ladies to have that extra firm support, that you can dance the night away without thnotorious, sometimes painful booby bounce, then be sure to go with high support bralettes.

Eco underwear isn't just a sustainable fashion statement; it's a way to empower your mood and shape your day/night. Let your playful energy shine, secretly supported by your intimates.




4. Mood: Lazy Netflix Marathon Day

Planning for a Netflix binge day calls for ultimate relaxation. Choose underwear like breathable organic cotton briefs or a comfy bralette. Let your underwear contribute to your day of chillin’, providing comfort that lasts all throughout watching your favourite episode(s).

For relaxed and laid-back days curled up like an infant in front of the tv, your underwear really can be your sanctuary. Choose pieces crafted from soft, sustainable materials, with few hem lines and maybe even a super stretch effect, that allows you to breathe freely even when you’ve had one too many snacks.



5. Mood: Beating the Summer Heat

You can beat the heat and feel fresh, starting from your very first layer.

Start by selecting a bra made from breathable fabrics like organic cotton or modal. These materials allow air circulation and wick away moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day. Look for bras with mesh panels or strategic ventilation for enhanced breathability.

And be sure to cover your V in absorbent, breathable goodness, so that you can stay fresh and moist free throughout the day/night.


So, there you have it – a world of moods captured by your eco underwear choices. Remember, your underwear can be as diverse and dynamic as you are. Dress for your mood and feel the difference. Happy dressing!