4 Tips to Getting a Beautiful & Glowing Boob Area

Your breasts deserve the royal treatment—they're not just assets, they're a reflection of your overall health and vitality. To ensure they're radiating with beauty and glow, it's time to pamper them with some extra TLC. Here are four sassy tips to get your boob area looking its absolute best.

Our own go-to here at Woron when it comes to natural beauty and everything lymph related is Maria Zabro. In this blog post you will be able to read 4 exclusive and great tips she has shared with us, on getting a beautiful and glowing boob area.

There are numerous lymphatic nodes and pathways in the breast area. To ensure proper detoxification and optimal health, fluids should flow easily within these pathways.

When circulation is compromised by tight clothing, bras, or stiff muscles, toxins and waste products may accumulate in breast tissues, leading to inflammation, cellular damage, and the development of growths.

You can support and maintain breast health by practicing manual lymphatic drainage and selecting your bra wisely: avoid underwired and tight bras, as they can suppress circulation. Opt for soft and gentle options that keep your chest/breasts flexible and allow your diaphragm to move freely.

Maria Zabro's 4 Tips on How to Support Boob Health:
1. Support the Lymphatic System:
The lymphatic system is a network of vessels, tissues, organs, and glands responsible for transporting lymph, a watery fluid rich in nutrients and immune cells, throughout the body. 
Unlike the circulatory system, it lacks a pump and relies on muscle contractions and body movement for circulation. 
Proper lymph flow is crucial for breast health, as many lymph nodes are located in breast tissue. 
Tight clothing, bras, or stiff muscles can compromise lymph flow, leading to toxin accumulation, inflammation, and cellular damage. 
To enhance detoxification and prevent stagnation, consider incorporating manual lymph drainage techniques. 
 How To Do It
You can find a great video that Maria did for us in this Reel.
Use your fingertips and gently press on the following areas(10-15 times each) : 
  • above collar bones
  • Below collar bones
  • Inside the armpits 
  • above collar bones again
After you have pumped the lymph nodes, use your hands /gua sha tool to draine excess of liquids toward armpits. Be sure you stroke from center of the chest  toward the armpits with light pressure. I would recommend to perform drainage with a small amount of oil or body moisturizer. 5-7 strokes on each breast. 
2. Choose Your Bra Wisely:
Select bras that support rather than restrict circulation and lymph flow. 
Underwired, tight bras can impede proper detoxification in breast tissue. Opt for soft, gentle options that allow for flexibility and unrestricted movement of the chest and diaphragm, facilitating deep breathing and optimal lymphatic function.
3. Mind Your Deodorant/Antiperspirant:
Be mindful of the products you apply to your armpits, as they can directly impact your lymphatic system and breast health. Chemical-laden deodorants and antiperspirants can disrupt detoxification processes in breast tissue, leading to inflammation. Choose natural, toxin-free deodorants instead of antiperspirants, which may block lymph nodes in the armpits and hinder proper lymphatic function.
4. Prioritize Movement and Deep Breathing:
Engage in regular physical activity, deep breathing exercises, and activities that induce sweating to support natural detoxification processes in the body. Movement stimulates lymphatic flow, enhances circulation, and promotes the elimination of toxins, contributing to overall health and well-being.
If you are longing for more info on natural tips and tricks on how to maintain a natural glow, reduce wrincles and much more the natural way, then be sure to check out Maria's page right Here.