A Self-Love and Confidence Boosting Guide

Gaining self-confidence is one of those things that is so much easier said than done. We all have this idea of what it must feel like, but the question has always been, how do we achieve it ourselves? 

Before we go on, it’s important to say that nobody is born with this perfect image of themselves. We’ve all had different walks of life, and our experiences are what end up shaping our self-esteem.

For most of us, building confidence is done through consistent acts of self-love. And to be quite honest, it’s something that we should be practicing throughout our entire lives since confidence can come in waves. 

At high points of our lives, we may feel we’ve finally achieved self-confidence, and at other times, we may struggle a little bit more. It’s okay to go up and down because we aren’t meant to be perfect. We’re only meant to be our real, authentic selves.


Get to Know Yourself Deeply

As strange as it sounds, most of us never take the time to get to know ourselves. Sure, we’re familiar with our basic needs and wants, but we fail to understand our true character. We spend more time getting to know others, and we crave social interactions, but somehow find ourselves lonely. 

Getting to know yourself on a deeper level means understanding your desires, tendencies, flaws, and strengths. What do you like? What do you hate? If it helps, take yourself on a date to a quiet place and write these things down. 

The more we figure ourselves out, the more genuine we can live our lives.


Positive Self-Talk

We all have an inner voice, but the voice can vary between positive and negative talk. Check-in with yourself and think about whether that voice is kind or not.

Positive self-talk is loving, patient, kind, and understanding. We’re each our harshest critic. If we don’t like the way we look, we will rip ourselves apart by thinking of all our flaws that nobody else would ever see. But when we see others, we never critique them in the same way. 

Why? Because we all tend to think of others having it better than we do. When, in reality, we all need to treat ourselves with more compassion and respect.  

Negative self-talk can diminish our confidence by making us feel worse than we need to. More often than not, those negative feelings and perceptions are only in our heads. Go easy on yourself!



 Accept Yourself

So now that we’re working on knowing ourselves better and using our inner voice to speak kindly, it’s time to accept ourselves. You might be thinking this is another one that’s easier said than done. And maybe it is, but it plays an essential role in building our self-esteem.

Self-acceptance is the foundation of confidence. Once we accept that we like what we like, we’ll spend less time trying to fit in. Even when it comes to our personal style, we’ll finally choose what we want, without following any trend. 

Don’t worry so much about being accepted by others; focus harder on accepting yourself. When you find that you’re drifting away from your values, check back in, and then come back to yourself.


Treat Yourself Often

Treat yourself, but not in a typical way, like eating ice cream every night. Unless that’s what makes you your happiest self, then go for it! 

What we mean by this is to treat yourself to expereinces that make you feel your best. Uplift your mood, make your day brighter, and make yourself smile. The more you practice making yourself happy, the easier it will become to realize that you held that power all along. 

Ultimately, you’ll begin to trust yourself more, which leads you to feeling confident. Treating yourself looks like taking some time off just for you, a quiet walk, time to read that favourite book, buying yourself flowers, taking yourself on a date to the beach, or putting on an outfit that makes you feel beautiful. 


As you’ve probably already noticed, these self-love steps are quite simple. Yet somehow, we all still need that gentle reminder and guidance on reaching self-confidence. 

 As you work on bettering yourself, remember to take small steps. Be patient and understanding with yourself. Never rush anything that you want to sustain for a lifetime.

With that being said, we wish you all the love and acceptance that you deserve!

-The Woron Team