Newness Launched!

Here at Woron, we make pieces that channel the principles of slow fashion. Everything we offer is made to last and designed with the highest regard for the planet, the people, and the animals. Our underwear feels like a caress on the body, the perfect everyday essentials that combine sexiness and comfort. No toxic chemicals and no toxic dyes. Basically no junk, only the most luxurious plant-based fabrics. This is the core philosophy behind our award-winning underwear, including these two new pieces. Read on to discover all about these new exciting products.

JUPITER panties

These subtle and delicate panties are made with the softest, sustainable fabrics: so comfortable you’ll forget you have them on.  

The JUPITER panties feature modal as their primary fabric. Lenzing Modal is a smooth, soft fabric and one of the eco-friendliest options available on the market. In fact, this material is made from beech wood, a renewable raw material sourced from sustainably managed forests and certified by recognized sustainability standards like the FSC® and the PEFC™.  

This modal is created through a green pulp-to-fiber process, in which the wood is transformed into a pulpy substance. After the spinning, the resulting fiber is ready to be turned into a fabric.  

Perfect for high-quality underwear, this material makes our JUPITER panties not only exquisitely gentle on the skin but also hygienic, as this breathable fabric prevents bacterial growth.

JUPITER panties lace tape is also crafted from a highly sustainable fabric: a lovely and stretchy recycled polyamide.

Recycled synthetics are nothing like their virgin counterparts, as their production results in way fewer emissions and allows us to use materials that are already out there.

According to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg Material Sustainability Index, each kg of mechanically recycled polyester reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70% compared to virgin polyester.

The JUPITER panties are Brazilian cut undies, just like our Cheeky Base, and have no side seams.

These flattering seamless panties are perfect when wearing body-hugging bottoms or outfits made with thinner fabrics.


Soft and smooth, our VENUS bra guarantees the comfort of a soft bra but with a sexy twist. Win-win!

Made with sustainable and stretchy recycled polyamide, this bra is in equal parts green and pretty.

In 2019, the polyamide market share made up 5% of the global fiber production market, with a worldwide production of 5.58 million mt. That’s not good news for the environment, as polyamide is made from crude oil.

Choosing recycled polyamide instead allows us to reduce our need for petroleum. According to Aquafil estimates, 10,000 mt of regenerated caprolactam save us 70,000 barrels of crude oil.

Our new VENUS bra has the same fit as our bestseller, the ‘ONYX bra.’ Both of these bras offer excellent support, making them the perfect choice for those with a larger cup size.

The lace used to make the VENUS bra is produced in Italy at certified factories. This delicate, sustainable material is then fashioned into our beautiful new bra in our main factory in Hungary.   

This family-owned factory is ÖkoTex and ISO 9001: 2015 certified and run by women.

We are very proud of these new pieces, and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts. Our team hopes that you’ll love them as much as we do.

- the Woron Team