Health Benefits of wearing a Soft-Bra


Raise your hand if at least once in your life you went around with an ill-fitting underwire bra that made you feel terribly uncomfortable. If you did raise your hand, you’re in good company. Underwire bras seem to be designed to be poking in and rubbing our skin.

Then why do we wear bras?

The answer is an easy one: bras aren’t purely cosmetic. Their primary function is to support the weight of the breasts. This way, they relieve our backs from the literal burden of carrying our breasts’ weight, which is beneficial especially for those with large cup sizes, as they seem to be more prone to suffer from shoulder and neck pain.

But guess what, you don’t have to endure underwire bras. You can keep your breast happy and supported by wearing soft-bras instead! Soft-bras simply give you the best of both worlds, as they provide you with all the support that you (and your chest) need while being gentle on the skin.

Because the bra is one of the closest fitting garments one can wear, we should know as much as possible about it so that we can choose the perfect one for us. In this article, we will discuss the many benefits of wearing soft-bras, busting some myths, and sharing some info. If you have ever wondered whether or not you should ditch underwire bras or you don’t know how to pick the right soft-bra size, don’t worry and keep reading; we got you covered!


Soft-bras and underwire bras serve the same purpose, supporting the breast, but they go about it differently. Underwire bras separate your breasts, supporting them through encapsulation. Some soft-bras instead use compression to keep your breasts from bouncing while you perform your daily activities. In contrast, other soft-bras hold each breast separately in its own compartment, just without employing the underwire.

Soft-bras can be the perfect go-to to wear under tighter or see-through shirts, as they can easily be made with seam-free cups. Additionally, they can do so while giving good support.

Let’s debunk a myth since we are at it: soft-bras can indeed support larger cup sizes if designed to do so. Here at Woron, we cover sizes form XS-XXL / from a small A cup to a F cup, in our selection of sustainable bras.


If you have worn an underwire bra, then you know how annoying it can be. Feeling the underwire poking your underarms or digging into your skin can make anyone feel uncomfortable.

But underwire bras can mess with more than just your comfort. As we all know, with time, the material that covers the wire can deteriorate, exposing the wire. What you may not know is that if exposed, the wire can lead to skin irritation and even give you a nickel allergy rash.      

The use of underwire bras has also been reported as an exacerbating factor of acne. In fact, the term “acne mechanica” describes acneiform eruptions caused by the physical trauma that friction, pressure, rubbing, and stretching can inflict on the skin.

Soft-bras instead are, just as the name suggests, much more delicate and skin-friendly, especially if made of gentle and sustainable fabrics like Lenzing modal or organic cotton. So it sounds like ditching underwire bras for the soft kind is the best choice for your skin.



The right bra can make you feel confident and ready to take on the day; that’s why choosing the perfect one is so important.

You should choose one that suits your personal style and lifestyle: not just for the aesthetic, but also for the planet. Just nine extra months of active use can reduce a garment’s carbon, water, and waste footprints by 20-30%!  

Of course, picking the right size is crucial too. Wearing a bra that is constantly riding up, chafing your skin, or squeezing your chest is the worst! A well-fitting soft-bra instead can make you feel like a superstar. We know that well; that’s why our team developed a thorough size guide to help you pick the perfect size for you.

Here at Woron, we believe that the right soft-bra matches one’s body, aesthetic, and morals. So we create intimates that don’t make you compromise so that you can have it all.   

We have two homes: our planet and our body.
Choosing sustainable and junk-free clothes is an exceptional way of cherishing and celebrating both of them.