3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Eco-Friendly Underwear

Underwear is the first thing we wear when we get up and the last one we take off before going to bed.

We have it on no matter the weather or the season, and as we all know, undies have the power to make us feel more comfortable, confident, and sexy.

Given their unique role of everyday essentials, we need to be careful when shopping for undies, as the right underwear can significantly improve our mood.  

These are some of the benefits of choosing eco-friendly underwear: read on, your skin (and the planet) will thank you!  

Green Panties = Happy Earth

By now, we all know that fast fashion is something we should stay away from, and there are plenty of reasons why.

One of them is fast fashion’s massive environmental impact.

What we wear doesn’t just influence our attitude and confidence, but the planet too.    


The industry uses a ton of petroleum-based, synthetic fabrics to make low-quality and short-lived clothes that, once discarded, release micro-plastics (minuscule pieces of plastics) in the ocean. From there, they find their way into the food chain, unleashing toxins and heavy metals during their journey.

According to a study conducted by researchers from the Queensland University of Technology and Oslo Metropolitan University, 35% of all microplastics are from these synthetic textile materials.

On top of that, fast fashion, with its fleeting trends and low-grade materials, generates a ton of waste: in 2019, global apparel consumption reached 62 million metric tons.  

With these data in mind, it’s easy to see why choosing green, ethically made garments is the way to go if you love the Earth.

Say No to Toxic Chemicals  

Mother Earth is not the only one whose health is affected by what we choose to put on in the morning. 

The skin, which is the largest organ of our bodies, is the one in contact with the clothes we wear, reaping the benefits of wearing high-quality, sustainable fabrics.  

In this context, the type of underwear we choose is especially crucial, as the skin of our private parts can be rather sensitive.


Many of us put a great deal of thought into choosing what we eat and avoid foods that were exposed to nasty substances, and for good reasons. But what about the things we put on our skin instead?  

Like foods, fabrics and fibers can be treated with an array of chemicals, not to mention the pesticides used to grow conventional, non-organic cotton.  

For example, benzothiazole, a respiratory irritant and dermal sensitizer has not only been detected in several textiles, but a study has also demonstrated its ability to potentially penetrate through and being accumulated by the skin.

Another study showed that polyester textiles can release antimony, a heavy metal, and a suspected carcinogen for humans.  

Of course, skin contact is a minor source of exposure compared to ingestion or inhalation. But it’s still much better to stick to safer, sustainable fabrics. When it comes to health, “better safe than sorry” is the best motto to follow.  

Not to mention the fact that these pesky chemicals are no good news for the Earth either, as they can be released from the clothes to household wastewater when we do the laundry, eventually reaching our oceans.

A Sustainable Pair of Panties a Day Keeps the Bacteria Away  

If you own clothing made of systemic textiles like polyester, you may have noticed that their smell gets way less pleasant way faster compared to your clothes made of natural materials.

If you blamed this swift change in odor on the synthetic material, your hunch wasn’t wrong at all.


A study conducted by researchers from Ghent University and the Delft University of Technology explains the science behind this phenomenon.

Apparently, Micrococcus bacteria thrive on polyester garments.

Sweat has little to no odor on its own, and these nasty bacteria are what give it its characteristic foul smell.  

Micrococcus bacteria love and flourish in the warmest areas of our body, like the armpits and the crotch.

There they break down the amino acids, the long-chain fatty acids, and the hormones that are naturally found in our sweat.

If before these compounds were too large to be detected by our noses, the Micrococcus bacteria makes them small and volatile enough to be noticed.

For this reason, choosing underwear made with eco-friendly materials is definitely the best choice to keep smelling fresh for longer.


To make our undies, here at Woron, we utilize only fabrics that gently caress your body with their softness, leaving your skin feel fresh and pampered.

Take the fabric we use to make our hipster-shaped panties VENUS LACE: these fabulous low-rise undies’ main fabric is Lenzing Modal. This eco-friendly fabric is made with beech wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. Thanks to its botanical origin, this modal is breathable and hygienic as it prevents bacterial growth.   

Shopping mindfully allows you to build a sustainable, carefully curated wardrobe. If you put more thought into your purchases, you’ll choose pieces that you genuinely love and that you will cherish years from now, and the Earth loves loved clothes!  

- The Woron Team