Why You Should Avoid Wearing G-Strings

At one point or another, we all try on a g-string and fall in love with how it shapes our figure, eliminates panty lines, and, oddly enough, the confidence that such a small amount of fabric can give to us. And once we get into the habit of wearing them every day, it can be tough to feel seductive in any other underwear style. 
But, are g-strings actually good for you and your V?
The short answer is no, but since so many women sacrifice their health every day, let’s go with the long answer and break down the reality of wearing g-strings!
We know how tempting it is to wear a g-string, but trust us, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of a vaginal infection. If you’re prone to infections already, you might want to take a look at the underwear you wear on a daily basis, for workouts, and to sleep at night.
If you’re wearing a g-string for any of these, you’re highly susceptible to recurring yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, both of which cause discomfort and can feel mentally exhausting!
Beyond trapping moisture down there, thin g-strings transfer fecal bacteria to your vagina, putting your precious area in the danger zone for infections to grow.
If you think about it, a thin string is certainly not enough to keep you clean and fresh throughout the day or at night. Especially when you’re running errands, getting a bit sweaty, and frequently using the bathroom, a g-string is only making things worse down there! 
Skin Irritation
Even if your g-string doesn’t transfer enough bad bacteria to disrupt your vaginal flora, there’s still a chance that skin irritations can lead to infections. Since g-strings are rubbing between your cheeks all day, it’s pretty likely that you experience chafing, friction, and even burning at some points. 
When there’s too much friction going on, you might even get a few cuts around the vagina. Open cuts in the skin can allow bacteria to enter your body, which is just another way that g-strings lead to infections. 
Our skin is so sensitive down there and your undies shouldn’t ever cause you pain or irritation. If you ever question whether or not feeling sexy is worth the pain, we’ll have you know that your underwear does not define your sex appeal!
If you’ve ever spoken to a gynecologist, they’ll most likely stress the importance of wearing loose-fitting clothes, especially underwear. But how many of us have broken that rule?
Probably most of us! While it shouldn’t be an issue on occasion, wearing tight pants and underwear can cause the vagina to become inflamed. A few signs of your vagina being inflammed are pain, swelling, itchiness, and a change in discharge. 
So then what should you be wearing down there?
Truthfully, cotton, and similar natural fibres! Whether you like briefs, low-rise hipsters, cheeky, or even lace, as long as it’s made from breathable, plant-based material, you’ll be safe and clean all day!
We know that g-strings are sexy, but are infections, irritation, and inflammation really that sexy too? 
The best solution is to wear g-strings every once in a while, and wear regular undies most of the time! Save your g-strings for those special occasions, and when it comes to your daily undergarments, choose something soft, breathable, safe, and most importantly, comfortable for your most precious parts!