Shipping & Delivery

Orders are shipped within 1-2 working days from our warehouse in Denmark. 

Standard Shipping fee: 35 DKK

Standard shipping fee: from 5-9€ (check list below for details)

SHIPPING TO THE REST OF THE WORLD Standard shipping fee: from 10-31 UDS (check list below for details)

Or choose GLS express service at check out (shipping cost according to destination, 10-33€).

Expected shipping time:
Denmark: 1-2 days
Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands: 3-7 days
All other European countries: 3-14 days
The Rest of the World: 7-21 days

What happens when I place my order?
You will receive an order confirmation shortly after placing your order, and a shipping confirmation will follow as soon as your products are on their way.

Please be advised that orders from outside of the EU may be subject to customs fees upon arrival in your country. These expenses are not covered by WORON.

 If you have any questions regarding shipping cost then feel free to contact us at:

Shipping Price Overview:

Denmark- 35DKK (DAO home, DAO pick up, GLS home 67kr, GLS pakke shop 39kr)  
Austria- 5€ Standard Post / 10€ GLS express  
Australia- 22 AUD (low traceability), 29 AUD Standard Post (fast) 
Belgium- 6€ Standard Post / 12€ GLS express  
Brazil- 112 BRL (low traceability), 280 BRL Standard Post (fast) 
Canada- 20 CAD (low tracability) 47 CAD Standard Post  
China- 119 CNY (low traceability), 232 CNY Standard Post  
Czech Republic- 7€ Standard Post / 33€ GLS express  
Estonia- 8€ Standard Post / 40€ GLS express  
Faroe Islands- 95 DKK Standard Post  
Finland- 6,5€ Standard Post / 21€ GLS express  
France- 9,5€ Standard Post / 18€ GLS express  
Germany- 5€ Standard Post / 9€ GLS express  
Greece- 10€ Standard Post  
Greenland- 200DKK Standard Post  
Hong Kong- 140 HKD (low traceability), 260 HKD Standard Post  
Hungary- 8,8€ Standard Post  
Italy- 6€ Standard Post / 20€ GLS express  
Ireland- 9€ Standard Post  
Island- 2000 ISK Standard Post  
Japan- 3000 JPY (low traceability), 4400 JPY Standard Post  
Kroatia- 8,7 € Standard Post 
Republic of Latvia-  
Lithuania- 9€ Standard Post  
Luxemburg- 5€ Standard Post / 32€ GLS express  
Malaysia- 78 MYR (low traceability),148 MYR Standard Post  
Mexico- 366 MXN (low traceability), 983 MXN Standard Post  
Monaco- 8 € Standard Post  
Netherlands- 5€ Standard Post / 10€ GLS express  
New Zealand- 23 NZD (low traceability) 79 NZD Standard Post  
Norway- 9€ Standard Post / 33,5€ GLS express  
Poland- 7€ Standard Post / 33€ GLS express  
Portugal- 9€ Standard Post / 32€ GLS express  
Russia- 1505 RUB Standard Post  
Singapore- 26 SGD (low traceability), 28,5 SGD Standard Post  
Slovakia- 13,5€ Standard Post / 33€ GLS express  
Slovenia- 5€ Standard Post  
South Korea- 23000 KRW (low traceability), 25.097 KRW Standard Post  
Spain- 9€ Standard Post / 32€ GLS express  
Sweden- 5€ Standard Post / 12€ GLS express  
Switzerland- 9€ Standard Post  
Turkey- 189 TYR Standard Post  
United Kingdom (UK)- 7€ Standard Post / 27€ GLS express  
USA- 9,5 USD (low traceability), 35 USD Standard Post

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