Danish Design - European Production

WORON is sustainable, sexy and vegan underwear & everyday favourites!

It is an award winning Scandinavian Brand based in Copenhagen, founded by sisters Arina and Anya Woron.

"We realized that the first thing that we took off when we got home in the afternoon was always the bra; lowering the straps,

un-hooking at the backand then followed by an “ahhhh…” of relief.

Our aim is to create that lingerie and essentials, that will be the first thing you want to put on and the last thing you take off!"

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Sustainable Practices

Clean and with style both in look and in our conscience is what we strive for. We’ve heard the sentence ‘Less is More’ said a thousand times, but it really is true.

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  • "I do love your undies, they are soft, comfortable, stretchy so that they don't cut in, and the shape is far superior to any other undies I have ever seen.
    - Tilly Kilvaro, UK
  • "Just wanted say I've bought 4 bra's of Woron lately and they are absolutely the best thing ever :)) They are sooo comfortable, pretty and soft. I sometimes forget I'm wearing them. Thank you so much for making such great items :))"
    - Ms Brecht
  • I have just received your the ONE BASE body and I simply love it: the cut is purrrrfect! The fabric has an extremely nice feel to it.
    - Bella-Rose, Sint Gillis