Where do we produce our line?

We produce our line within Europe.
Hungary, Germany, Italy & Turkey... 
read all about it below.
At the core of everything we do at Woron is a strong respect for the people we work with and the environment we work within. We are well aware of the reputation of the fashion industry and strive to promote positive change.
-The WORON Sisters

Production places

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Hungary & Germany
We mainly work with a family owned factory in Hungary. The factory is ÖkoTex certified amongst other standard certifications like the ISO 9001: 2015. 

 Hungary has very strict working regulations both in terms of minimum wages and working standards. Along with this, the owners have also made strict rules when it comes to working hours. Nobody can be forced to work additional hours even in really busy periods. And in busy periods the workers can sign up for additional shifts where they get a higher salary etc. 

 The factory offers their workers higher wages than the standard minimum wage (5-20% higher depending on the position, demand etc.). Furthermore, the factory is pretty much only run by women, employing mainly women, plus they offer some additional benefits for working mothers.

 Our luxurious range of socks is made in the heart of Italy. The factory that we work with is a small family owned business that keeps it simple and small. They have had the factory for generations and are all about socks. On top of this, they only work with certified and high quality fibers (GOTS), so it was a match made in heaven for our sustainable beating hearts.

Ethically Made

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Our Turkish partners are running a clean green machine. 

It is a family owned bussiness that is now run by the 3rd generation; 3 brothers that each have their field of expertise, but both the parents and grandparents are always within reach for guidance and ready to share their deep knowledge. 

 The brothers share a green vision for their factory, with an all through GOTS certification and with high standards both when it comes to environment and people.

It is not only an organic product chain authentication but also social standards and fair trade production that is inspected in every audit at this great factory in Turkey. This is to ensure the highest standards possible for both environment as well as workers.